Guideline of DKC

Recreation is a wonderful “Nimah” from Allah! It gives us an opportunity to reflect on His amazing blessings to mankind, among them; the many special forms of recreation peculiar to mankind, not shared by any other of Allah’s creation!

It also grants us a break in the everyday routine and the opportunity to freshen the “Nafs” to return re-energised to live the life of Ududiyyah and Ibadah in all of our activities.

Therefore “Shukr” is Wajib, and safeguards us from the “aafaat” (detriments) that often accompany conventional modern day recreational activities. Shukr also not only ensures the protection of Nimats, but guarantees their increase as well!

So what is Shukr? To recognise Allah’s Nimah, thank Him for it, and use it in a manner pleasing to HIm!

Therefore at DKC, as our ultimate purpose is to please Allah Ta’aala and gaurd against His anger, we hold as a top priority the use of the facilities (themselves wonderful Nimats) in the spirit of Shukr and reflection. In so doing our recreation”tafreeh” can and will be an act of Ubudiyyah and Ibadah itself, not only a pleasure for us in this word, but means of reward and Allah’s pleasure in the next as well!

In this light the following guidelines must be observed at DKC:

A. General compliance with rules of Shari’ah and the etiquettes of Islam

B. None of the following will be allowed or tolerated on the premises of DKC:

  1. Any kind of intoxicants; alcohol, drugs, etc.
  2. Music or musical instruments
  3. Smoking within DKC premises
  4. Loud or rude behaviour that would offend the guests, staff or neighbours of DKC