Founder’s Message

The unprecedented busy, stressful life style that most of us live today needs a a breather!
A healthy, meaningful, Shariah complaint breather!
We can have fun, enjoy ourselves, take that badly needed “breather”, while still Obeying Allah our Lord and Master. We can even turn that “breather” into a means of His pleasure and reward!

It’s just about intention and attention: “Intent to please Allah, attention to His guidelines”.

Darul Khair Center, being dedicated to promote a Healthy Meaningful life style, offers an array of facilities and activities that are fun, fulfilling and Shariah compliant.

Whether it’s a picnic/BBQ, family outing, planning or training session, award ceremony,… whatever, DKC is a wonderful, down to earth , economical, clean and peaceful venue featuring an innovative yet facilitative complete gender segregation structure for the religiously aligned.

A breath of fresh air and suitable alternative to the resort / 5 Star hotel scene and the unsavory issues that one is generally exposed to at such venues .

Check out the “Facilities” menu and see all the great things we have to offer.
Looking forward to the opportunity to serve you soon InshaAllah, and we’re very confident that you’ll say after your stay : “It was really worth it!